Sunday, October 24, 2010

On books.

This list is more for me than you. It's not meant to do much more than catalog my books.

{have read}
The Narnia series-Lewis
The Hobbit-Tolkien
Love Not the World-Nee
Reasonable Faith-Craig
In the Beginning was Information-Gitt
The Chrysalids-Wyndham
The Hidden Crown-Bruce
The Bible-Miscellaneous
God:The Evidence-Glynn
My Utmost for His Highest-Malcolm Muggeridge
The Outsider-Camus

{in the middle of reading}
The Truth War-MacArthur
The Evidence Demands a Verdict-McDowell
The Case for Christ-Strobel
Whatever Happened to Truth?-Mohler Jr, Kostenberger, Moreland, Vanhoozer
The Napoleon of Notting Hill-Chesterton

{yet to read}
The Normal Christian Life-Nee
The Francis Schaeffer Trilogy-Schaeffer
The Pilgrim's Regress-Lewis
Christian Reflections-Lewis
God in the Dock-Lewis
Cosmic Codes-Missler
Beyond Good and Evil-Nietzsche
The Malloreon-Eddings
The Nicomachean Ethics-Aristotle
The Elenium-Eddings
Through the Shadowland-Lewis
Surprised by Joy-Lewis

{yet to buy and read}
Mein Kampf-Hitler
God is Good, God is Great-Craig
The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology-Miscellaneous/Craig/Moreland
On Guard-Craig
What's so great about Christianity?-D'Souza

There are many others, but it seems there's not enough time in the day. Besides, I read a lot on the internet too. That's all.

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