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The irony in this video2 is so utterly and painfully obvious I can barley watch. It pains my very soul to sit through. It’s not even the blatant indoctrination (and exploitation) of children, or the vulgar (and wholly unnecessary) language being used simply for shock value(?), but more so the fact that it’s actually using hate to fight hate. This is absurd to the fullest degree! Here, let me tell a story to illustrate.

A man awakes in the middle of the night to find his house on fire. He jumps up and immediately goes into his closet. He grabs a canister to extinguish the flames and when he pulls the trigger fire shoots out from the canister. It’s a torch. He begins to yell in confusion as to why the flame is not reducing the fire, and screams as the flame gets larger. After some moments, he realizes the futility of using fire to fight fire, and grabs at the water. But by then it is to ate. The damage is done.

Now, this example, while perhaps not being ideal could serve well to equate to the new campaign called FCKH8. It, essentially, is a campaign which is promoting people to fight hate with hate, and is using hate against those who would supposedly condemn them for being gay. It is a movement which utilizes propaganda and indoctrinated children to support them. It goes beyond showing their vast ignorance of Christianity to the point of sheer ludicrousness, and I find this all to common lately. Here’s something a friend of mine wrote.

For hate seeks to cause suffering, it revels in arrogance and pride, it is easily provoked, cynical, and intolerant; but love suffers long, endures all things, it refrains from excessive self love and self edification, it is not easily provoked, and it promotes honesty, trust, and toleration.4

We can see that hate is the antithesis of love, and yet the FCKH8 campaign for some reason is hoping to use hate to promote love.

Lately there seems to be an obvious misconception that Christians hate gay people.1,3 Though I’ll admit, this is not unwarranted. One need only watch the news, but, unfortunately, the media likes to focus on the mislead (and slightly crazy) fundamental extremist groups who misrepresent what Christianity actually is. The FCKH8 video is clearly using hate to fight hate. “You've got it all fukin wrong” says a woman from the video complaining about Christians telling them they're wrong. It’s like watching children argue opinion.

First of all, God loves gay people (John 3:16). Second, God hates sin (Zech 8:16-17). Third, everyone sins (Rom 3:23). (No, fourth isn't God hates everyone who sins.) There seems to be a whole movement, thanks to such fundamentalists like WestBro Baptist Church1 (no association with actual real Christianity) that have elevated this one sin in particular, and built their whole belief on one taken-out-of-context verse in the Bible. There's a great deal of sins people who are not gay commit every day, but for some reason this is the one is being pointed out. The reason, I suppose is because it's an obvious sin to point out, it's easy to point the finger, and Christians are good at doing it (Matt 18:15).

For the record, yes you can be gay and Christian, but you may not practice homosexuality. It's the exact same sin if a heterosexual lusts after a girl (Matt 5:28). The sin is lust and lust is wrong; as a single male, one would not be aloud to commit sexual acts with girls any more than with men (1 Cor 6:9-10). Jesus Himself said 'if you lust in your heart you have already committed adultery...'. God sees lust, not your sexual preference. However, that being said, the Bible still states that practicing homosexuality is a sin.

1 Cor 5:12 says “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside.” Paul, when speaking to the people of Corinth is addressing them as a fellow believer, one who follows Jesus. He recognizes that it is up to Christians not to judge those outside the Church, but those inside. (By judge, I do not mean simply pointing out their mistakes, but showing how they are going wrong with love, and offering help.)

The main problem then arises when 1) people don't like to be told they're wrong, and 2) if what they're being told is wrong is something they can't help. The solution is not to go from A to Z. What I mean is if someone doesn't believe in the Bible's truth, then there's no reason for them to believe that being gay is wrong. So the obvious solution would be to start at the beginning; is the Bible true? My problem with Christians is their assuming these people live by the same set of morals, and share the same worldview. And my problem with gay people is that they’re completely missing the point of the gospel and focusing on the few Christians who would condemn them. The reality is that God loves everyone, and to promote hate as though it is something that He consents to is simply wrong.

There's no reason to shove beliefs down throats, on either side of the ‘debate’; this includes refusing gay marriage. By all means, go hard, but don't get offended when we deny the use of a Church. At least understand why before you assume it's hate driven. If gay people want, they can make their own building and refuse admission to Christians, our feelings won't get hurt. But they must understand why it is we say what we say when we say ‘God did not make us to be joined together as man and man’.

In conclusion, it's very bothersome and breaks my heart that the whole point of Jesus' ministry is missed now days, and all the energy that should be spent telling people God loves them is spent telling people God hates them. God loves everyone the same, bottom line. This is what Christianity is supposed to be about, but, as we can all see lately it isn't. Should not we love rather than hate?

1- WestBro Baptist Church

2- Youtube vid (Offensive material)

3- Youtube vid

4-See also this article.

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