Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"I love myself."

There is a limit in which one must love themselves, that is, they must not think themselves less than they ought, but see that they are loved by God, and are intrinsically valuable to Him. A man once said "being humble is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less." But where has our generation got to in all of this?

Technology, while being very useful and beneficial in many ways, I fear has hindering our generation not only from gaining knowledge but rendering it narcissistic to a dangerous degree. Think about it. Our generation has more information at it's 'fingertips' than any generation before it, and yet it is dumber still than any generation before it. How can that be?

The answer, unfortunate lay in the fact that since information has become so accessible, people have taken less time to learn it. The phones now can conjure up google in a second, and with a couple words the user can have any information they want about any topic within seconds. Thus, they need not memorize it, for what would be the use in putting time and effort into something 'unnecessary'?

Moreover, with the invention of twitter/facebook and 'smart' phones one can 'stay up to date in real time as to what any and everyone of their friends is doing at that exact moment'. I recently saw a video to which rendered me altogether speechless. It shows a phone commercial of a man who utilizes his new phone and which ends up saving him much wasted time and to end, finally, with the near classic observation 'less staring, more clubbing'. How insane is this? Are people really this shallow?

You see, the joy that twitter has given us is creating a self worth, and seemingly obvious entitlement to say 'you are important, so important in fact that people care about what you do throughout your day, all day.' Twitter makes people think that everyone else really genuinely cares if they 'ate old ham with rotting sausage' or 'drank 27 beers and puked in the shape of a lion'. People post multiple times a day about their random (and often stupid) thoughts, or facts about their current location.

The worst atrocity I can see plaguing the internet is those youtube comments which are, as though children, spewing hate and ignorant rhetoric about things which the poster has little to no actual knowledge about. The comments I read on youtube literally tear away every hope I have of humanity having any redeeming qualities, and show how utterly hopeless our generation is.

In conclusion, rarely do I see intelligent conversation displayed over any means of networking site, and it's quite sad to know that people are so, so ignorant. It's a generation of people being told what to believe, like, wear, listen to and eat by the media and politicians. All the while, too, these people are being convinced they are thinking for themselves. It's a shame.

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