Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some great theologians and philosophers.

Here is a small list of some highly respected Christian apologists. (I do consider Chesterton to be my favorite of the bunch.)

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William Lane Crag-Philosophy of Religion and Time/Natural Theology/Christian Apologetics
Matt Slick-Christian Apologetics and Research
John Piper-Evangelism/Theological Studies
N.T. Wright-New Testament Scholar/Theological Studies
Peter Kreeft-Christian Philosophy/Apologetics
John MacArthur-Evangelism/Theology
Alister McGrath-Histoical Theology/Religion and Science/Natural Theology
Francis Collins-Genetisist/Physician
Josh McDowell-Christian Apologetics/Evangelism/Biblical Studies
Francis Schaeffer-Philosophy/Theology
C.S. Lewis-Christian Apologetics/Novelist
Lee Strobel-Christian Apologetics/Journalist
Henry F. Schaefer, III-Computational Chemistry
G.K. Chesterton-Christian and Catholic Apologetics/Novelist/Journalist
Charles Spurgeon-Author/Pastor
Alvin Plantinga-Epistemology/Metaphysics/Philosophy of Religion
Hugh Ross-Christian Apologetics/Astronomer/Astrophysicist
Grant Jeffery-Biblical Studies in Archaeology, Prophecy and Eschatology
Malcolm Muggeridge-Journalist/Author/Satirist
The Christian Watershed-Philosophy of Ethics and Religion/Metaphysics
J.P. Moreland-Philosohpy of Science, Ethics, Metaphysics and Religion/Theology/Christian Apologetics
Thomas Aquinas-Priest/Philosopher/Theologian
Norman Geisler-Philosophy of Religion/Christian Apologetics


  1. check out James white -

  2. Kevin, this is a great list. Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my site.